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Click on the thumbnail for images from some recent lab trips:

Sierra de Tentzo Puebla
early 2010
Mark and Armando Páez
Exploring the Sierra de Tentzo and surroundings
early 2010
Olson, Fornoni, and Domínguez labs
The canals of Xochimilco
May 2008
Olson lab, Jacqueline Pérez et al
The Horror!!
Sonora to Chiapas
early 2007
Olson and Magallón labs, Joe Olson, Katherine Renton, Leslie Larson, and others...

Puebla and Morelos
October 2006
With Joanna Redfern and Tomás
Alan y Jessica en la ladera
NE Mexico
September 2006
Olson-Magallón labs
Dinner in schoolyard
Los Tuxtlas
June 2006
Olson lab
Laguna Escondida silly
Costa Rica
July 2006
OTS Tropical Plant Systematics
Robbin Moran with a monster Nephrolepis
May 2006
With Frank and Marcia Ewers
Frank Ewers with Beaucarnea hiriartae
Los Tuxtlas rainforest
March 2005
Hands-on week of research experience for high school students, participating in our National Geographic funded aerial study of trees
silliness on the sand
Los Tuxtlas rainforest
Watch Jim Webb's Emerging Explorer video on our aerial studies of tree crowns (below)
Mark studying tree crowns from a paramotor over Mexican tropical forest

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